The Council of Ministers selected the wheat and flour sector among the targeted sectors for privatization with the aim of enhancing competitiveness, improving productivity, and stimulating investment
In 2009, SAGO developed its privatization strategy and submitted it to the Supreme Economic Council (SEC)
The SEC endorsed SAGO’s privatization strategy in 2011 and recommended:
–    Bundling all milling operations (wheat and feed) under four companies
–    Activating the role of SAGO as the wheat and flour sector regulator (to ensure adherence of private sector to milling standards on the one hand and to fair competition principles on the other)
Following SEC’s privatization approval, SAGO designed the target sector operating model and defined its implementation plan which was approved by the SEC in 2013
Since then, SAGO has embarked on its migration activities consisting of four key streams: staff migration, assets migration, data migration and legal framework set-up