Today I had the privilege to visit the General Organization for Grain Silos and Flour Mills branch in Dammam ...
Dr. Nabeel Min Mohamed Al Amudi ... 02/09/2015
President of the Saudi Ports Authority
: 660 day 5 hour 29 minute  26
I have visited the GSFMO branch in Wadi Al-Dawaser. During the visit we had access to some important and valuable information, which was very interesting for me. Also I am too pleased to see many Saudi employees working in this Organization.
Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Shluwi ... 21/01/2015
General Directorate of Armed forces Medical Services
: 884 day 5 hour 50 minute  11
I was pleased to visit the GSFMO branch in Riyadh Region together with my colleagues from the General Investment Fund, What we found in this prominent national edifice exceeded all expectations.
Mr. Abdulrahman Mohammad Al-Mafdi ... 31/12/2014
General Secretary for General Investment Fund
: 514 day 8 hour 54 minute  6
I have been astounded by the outstanding job performed in this Organization, and their procedures in receiving and keeping wheat.
Mr. Sami bin Abdallah Al-Johar ... 19/01/2015
Manager of Personnel Affairs in the Armed Forces Medical Services
: 885 day 4 hour 57 minute  6