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The Grain Silos & Flour Mills Organization has contributed effectively in social development through the following:
• Raising industrial professional and technical awareness among Saudi youth and developing highly skilled technical cadres through sending cadres abroad for technical training on various agricultural specialties including grain storage industry, flour milling, fodder processing and operation and maintenance of machinery
• Replacement of non-Saudi experts by Saudi ones in a way that the entire managerial and supervision positions are now filled with national trained cadres. 
• The branches and projects of the Organization are considered as population and urban attraction centers due to their needs of man power in various areas.
• The Organization has many other contributions including helping Bedouins during dry seasons through supplying fodder at low rates and providing fodder for experimental and laboratory animals at research centers. Also, the Organization cooperates with universities and institutes in many areas and provides technical services and advice to poultry and animal farmers.
• The Organization continuously cooperates with universities and research centers as well as the National Center for Science and Technology to produce certain types to be used in research and experimental studies aimed to produce new types with high standards at the lowest costs.
• Continuous communication between the Organization and other international bodies and institutions regarding grains production, storage and milling, as well as fodder production. Such organizations include the Food and Drugs Administration, leading Saudi institutions, universities and research centers, the Australian, Canadian and Argentinean Councils of Wheat, the Australian Bread Research Institute and other relevant bodies worldwide for the aim of exchanging experience and information as well as benefiting from modern technologies and conduct various training seminars.
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